Félix Felmart


Located in the province of Salamanca, about 250 km North-West of Madrid.

The village is surrounded by green hills and valleys close to the Sierra de Francia, the highest mountain of the province.

This area is also home to the famous "iberico pigs" and their delightful iberico ham.

Origin and stations


... a village, Paris, New York and again this village ...


Origin and retirement of Félix is a small 800 years old village to the foots of the Sierra de Francia mountain in the province of Salamanca, Spain. San Martín del Castañar.

From his atelier the paintor overviews the rustic small houses while picturing the whole green valley up to where the eye meets the Sierra de Béjar in the horizon - often covered in snow.


Félix made his first strokes while sleeping under bridges in Paris - age 19. Soon he made a living out of his passion and consolidated a first line of painting in France.
But he longed for further farther and went to New York, where he lived through the 60ies and 70ies selling his paintings to renowned galleries and art collectors.

It was a single happening, a small robbery with a fight, that brought him back to his origin, the small peaceful village. There he has further developed his painting to the current state.